Team Members

Lou Trottier – Owner / Technician

Lou began his automotive training with Honda Canada’s Pilot class of ’93 HAP (Honda Apprenticeship Program). Upon graduation Lou distinguished himself academically and received two prestigious awards. The first being from Honda Canada for achieving the highest mark in the program and the 2nd from Centennial College. The Ray Thompson award was also given to Lou for Outstanding Education Excellence.
Lou is proud to be a weekly contributer to the Globe and Mail every Thursday in the Globe Drive section.
He is also a "wanna be" musician. Check out his mis-adventures at

Debbie Trottier – Owner

All About Imports should really be called All About Debbie. She is the backbone of the company and keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. She uses her extensive human resources and corporate management training to facilitate all the “behind the scenes” tasks. She has plenty of industry knowledge and has been known to diagnose a car or two over the phone. In her spare time Debbie is a children’s book author having been published several times.

Terry Tull – Technician

Terry comes to us with over 30 years experience as a Factory Trained Volkswagen/Audi Dealer Technician. With Terry’s guidance over the last 7 years we have successfully made the transition into the world of VW/Audi maintenance and servicing. Terry is an avid photographer and cyclist in his spare time.

Jonathan Furlan -Technician App

Jonathan recently rejoined us after a year gathering experience at a Nissan dealer.

Nate Napier - Technician App

The newest addition to the team. Nate recently graduated from Centennial College's Motive Power Technician Program and is now finishing his apprenticeship with us. When not at work Nate enjoys his time at the gym.