Porsche 912

1966 Porsche 912

Interesting car in this week,  definitely on the “you don’t see everyday” list.   It’s amazing what people have stashed away in their garages.  Here is no exception… a relatively clean Porsche 912.   The 912 was an entry level model brought out in 1965 to bridge the gap between the 356 and the 911.  It featured the chassis and body work of the 911 and the 4 cylinder engine from the 356.  It initially out sold the 911 and was in production from 65 to 69.

This car was towed in last week as a no start having not been on the road in 6-7 years.  Overall the condition of the car is pretty reasonably considering its 45 years old.  Before it was parked it had some fairly extensive work done to it like the brand new tires (now 7 year old tires) that still have the stickers left on them.

I’m about to take it out for a spin, I’ve driven lots of 911’s but this will be my first 912.  I’ll try to get some video coverage.