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The Globe and Mail

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Why is my A/C not working?

I have a 2009 Mercedes B200. The A/C isn’t cooling the car. – Gay Not functioning at all? A large leak may have completely depleted the Freon charge or an electrical problem may be present. Here are a couple of easy steps to help troubleshoot: Start inside the vehicle, checking for proper air flow. The… Read more »

How do I get an accurate dipstick reading?

My 2007 Cadillac CTS burns a litre of oil every 2,000 kilometres or so. I drive mainly on the highway, so the oil doesn’t get dirty, and it is difficult to get an accurate reading on the dipstick. Suggestions? Dye? – Sandra I receive a surprising amount of help requests from customers who find it… Read more »

Do I need to clean my brakes?

My dealership service centre told me that the brakes on my 2010 Mazda Tribute should be cleaned – the calipers should be adjusted, lubricated, and cleaned once a year. Is this a legitimate maintenance? – Jacob There are a variety of opinions out there, but I believe strongly in regular preventative maintenance. So what is… Read more »