I need a new wheel alignment machine about as badly as I need a ….

There’s nothing more  frustrating than depending on something or someone that is un-dependable.   Current case…our Hunter P811 4 wheel alignment machine.  Five years ago…ok well maybe ten, this machine was all the rage… it signified the end of an aligner era… sounds epic doesn’t it… well its not really that exciting, I’m just trying to make it sound that way.   This machine was the last really large push by this manufacturer to get out one last update to a dated machine before the newer 3d imaging machines took over the market.

Oh well, who cares about the old stuff lets talk about the new stuff.

Enter the new, the bold, the handsome, the Brad Pitt of alignment technology.

The John Bean Arago V3d

The list of what this thing does is far to long and you probably don’t care either, all you need to know is that starting in a week or two we are going to be sporting the best darn alignment machine in the industry. Got a spare $32.000?  Yes, we are going to be paying this off  for a little while.