Push it to the Limit event 2

PITL Event #2

Saturday May 28th @ Bramalea Go Station.

It all started like this…. So here I am at the track early in the morning and one of the event organizers (Derek) informs me  (in casual small talk conversation)  that he has no ride for the day.  Well, I graciously make an offer to him that he can run my car for the day.  Mistake Mistake Mistake.  Derek didn’t read the fine print of the offer… that is…your not allowed to outperform me in my own car.  The crushing ego blow came after things dried up and Derek  found that his magic was to remove his shoes and drive in his socks.  You see the pedal box in the Se7en is so small that I can only wear one pair of shoes otherwise my feet hit more than one pedal at the same time.  Derek was struggling with this too and just decided to go it without footwear.    I got beat and I guess I’m OK with that, maybe I’ll learn some tricks from him in the future.

Here’s a Youtube vid of Derek running the Super Se7en.

ALSO, check out a Scion blog here with some cool pictures.