Push it to the Limit Event #3

Its no secret,  I have a love/hate relationship with my car.  It can be incredibly finicky and down right snarly,  but when it all comes together it provides more thrills per kilometre than a roller coaster.   One of the reasons that I autocross is to be able to capture this automotive nirvana for a scant 60 seconds at a time.  This last Saturday was a tease as I almost made it to the Nexus (for you Trekkie’s) but mother nature wasn’t interested in my plight.

The day started out reasonably promising with a couple of slow “let me get to know you” laps and them we cozied up into one faster lap, then rain, rain delay, sun for a bit while I was stuck marshalling, lunch and then one good strong lap in the dry. After that the sky’s opened and we got hammered with rain.   It was all for naught after that, last two laps on a very wet course…useless.

Here is run #4 in the relative dry which earned me 7th place and then the wet run which completely drenched me.

If you really want a feel for what driving the Se7en is like, watch these two video’s full screen in HD… and many thanks to Sean Henwood for lending me his Go Pro Hd camera for the day.