Acura Car Repair

A well maintained Acura can provide years of driving enjoyment for your ILX sedan or high performing NSX. Below is a brief history of Acura followed by some general maintenance tips that you should adhere to to keep your Acura car repair costs down.


Acura is the luxury vehicle division introduced by Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company in 1986. Its introduction into US and Canadian marketplace has changed the landscape of exclusive manufactured luxury vehicles forever. It showed that Japanese brands and models was capable of competing with European and American luxury vehicles. As a result, other big names such as Toyota and Nissan launched their own divisions.

Acura Maintenance Tips:

It is important that you keep your Acura maintained for a smooth and enjoyable operation of the vehicle. It also prevents expensive repairs.

Here are some simple tips to keep your Acura running smoothly:

  • • Replace brake pads when you hear a distinctive metallic “screeching” sound when applying the brakes.
  • • Acura recommends that you buy gasoline from high-volume, major name-brand stations
  • • Replace your car fluids such as transmission, brake, power steering at regular intervals
  • • Keep your air filters clean. Engines, like people, need to breathe clean air to stay fit.

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