Update..Engine Fail.

So this is where we left off..

click image for larger viewWhen we checked in last, we saw the Super 7 being pulled up and onto a flat bed tow truck as I wasn’t about to take any chances driving it home.  I do wish I had the foresight to grab my video camera though because it sounded really bad and I know you would have loved to hear it.  We got it home to All About Imports in time for me to jump into my Audi and high tail it back to the auto cross event for couple of last minute runs with the Audi.  So the day wasn’t a complete waste.

Monday morning I said a quick prayer and proceeded to pull the valve cover off hoping to find some pesky little valve train piece sitting neatly and conveniently waiting for me to simply re insert and drive away.   (This would be a good time to insert Aerosmith’s “Dream On” as my theme song of the moment.)  This is where I admit to an error that I probably made 8 years ago.   This car still uses (almost antique) Weber carbs,  and for some reason (years ago) I left a stud ( a stud is a bolt without a head)

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that I was not using go un-attended without a locking nut on it to keep it in place.  Don’t get me wrong, it was tightened 8 years ago but without the locking nut it eventually worked itself free and proceeded to get sucked into the engine.   Like the “Magic Bullet” from Oliver Stones “JFK” movie it got past the air filter horns into the cylinder head, then down to the intake valve where it got stuck there for a bit and damaged the intake valve, then finally it broke free from there and dropped into the combustion chamber where my custom made flat top pistons pounded it a few dozen times and then finally ejected (almost) into the exhaust valve seat  where it got stuck in its final resting position causing  that valve to stay open (when it shouldn’t be) and cause more damage there…  wheeewww that was a mouth full…

So now I wait for the machine shop to tell me whether or not we can save/repair all the damaged parts..

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I’ll get back to you on that…