“What kind of car do you drive?”

Almost daily, I get asked the question “what do you drive”? 15 years ago the answer was a Honda. I have lost count of how many Honda’s I have had. (somewhere in the mid teens) I was trained by Honda, lived and breathed Honda. My time at the Acura dealer in the mid ‘90‘s helped me put a fair amount of seat time in customers Acura NSX’s in for those “test drive for high speed vibration” type of work orders. Yes, I love old NSX’s, if I didn’t have my Super 7, I would most definitely be driving an older NSX.

But that is not the kind of answer that those people asking the question of “what do I drive” are looking for. My daily driver is now an 2001 Audi S4 Avant (Wagon) and yes that is quite the about face from from my Honda Heritage. Why… because there are very few cars that excite me and none of them are currently coming from Honda. When we hired Terry our Audi Technician I started test driving all kinds of Audi’s and fell in love with the way they drive. Now I have all the power of a NSX, all wheel drive and the ability to pick up the kids and get groceries at the same time. A winning combination if you are asking me?