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Pesky Water Leaks

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New Super Se7en Facebook Page

I receive multiple enquires per year from builders and general car buffs asking for information about my handbuilt Caterham Super 7 replica that I built. The car was constructed 15 years ago and is undergoing a freshen up with new power plant, suspension, interior and paint. I have decided to start a new Face book… Read more »

All About Imports Softball Team wins the “Silver”

    In what can only be described as several “nail biting” final minutes, the All About Imports girls softball team lost the Season Playoff Gold game to the “Pink Team”. Sorry, I can’t seem to remember the Pink Team’s name, but I do remember the tremendous effort from these young girls. With a last… Read more »

The Most Expensive Pencil Ever.

Check out my “Batman” pencil says Johnny as Dad’s peripheral vision sounds the alarm to his brain. Noooo!! One can only imagine the movie like slow-motion scene as Dad drops the groceries and attempts to sling shot himself over the passenger seat of the family’s hard working mini van in a vain attempt to thwart… Read more »

Wait no longer

It seems like we have been promising a waiting area refresh forever now.  Well, we are finally getting to it now and I’m happy to say it should be done by the end of the month.  Unfortunately, quite a few customers get stuck here for hours at a time and it is our goal to… Read more »

Cut by Cut, Super 7 Carbon Fiber / Aluminum Dash

Its been a while since I have felt the rush of air swirling around the cockpit of my car,  but not all the magic comes from the drive. The behind the scenes build has just as much value to me and I take great pride in the fact that I have hand built a car from… Read more »

To Buy Or Not to Buy?

  Most people would agree that reliability, safety and good fuel economy are the things we value most in our vehicles. It makes very little financial sense to replace a vehicle that is giving you all of the above. Still, one of the most common questions I am asked by customers… Read the full post… Read more »

Bob and Phil: Two Tales of Car Maintenance

Most modern vehicles are considered to be superior to their predecessors in just about every way, which has allowed manufacturers to adopt extended maintenance intervals. Unfortunately, this creates a situation where owners think their vehicles are invincible and do their very best to avoid the major services. Let me tell you about a fellow I… Read more »

The Ultimate Cry Baby.. The Check Engine light.

Nothing is worse than heading out to the cottage on a Friday afternoon with the car packed full of kids and Nintendo’s than seeing that dreaded check engine light. Well, there is the always fun “I have to go pee” my daughters declare just as we enter the highway but thats another subject all together…. Read more »

Misery about to happen.

This is an example of someone who is very lucky today.  Had these ball joints given up while on the road this repair would have been so much worse.