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Car Seat Installation Tips

I can’t help it, whenever I get into a customers vehicle for a test drive and there is a car seat in the back I instinctively grab it and give it a wiggle test…and  I test drive a lot of cars, 5 per day * 260 work days per year = 1300 per year give… Read more »

Forks of the credit

Took this photo last night at the “S” bend on the Forks of  the Credit rd that leads to Belfountain.  If your an automotive enthusiast and you live in this area, you need to visit this road.  Even if you are not a “driver” this part of Ontario offers some incredibly beautiful photo opportunities and… Read more »

Old Ferrari’s

What is it about old Ferrari’s. When I was younger lad I loved to build my model airplanes and helicopters.   I mean, I did have a certain place for autos but airplanes and helicopters were my thing.    Cars were in third place.. makes you wonder how I got into the automotive trade, doesn’t… Read more »

Porsche 912

1966 Porsche 912 Interesting car in this week,  definitely on the “you don’t see everyday” list.   It’s amazing what people have stashed away in their garages.  Here is no exception… a relatively clean Porsche 912.   The 912 was an entry level model brought out in 1965 to bridge the gap between the 356… Read more »

I need a new wheel alignment machine about as badly as I need a ….

There’s nothing more  frustrating than depending on something or someone that is un-dependable.   Current case…our Hunter P811 4 wheel alignment machine.  Five years ago…ok well maybe ten, this machine was all the rage… it signified the end of an aligner era… sounds epic doesn’t it… well its not really that exciting, I’m just trying… Read more »

Update..Engine Fail.

So this is where we left off.. When we checked in last, we saw the Super 7 being pulled up and onto a flat bed tow truck as I wasn’t about to take any chances driving it home.  I do wish I had the foresight to grab my video camera though because it sounded really bad and I… Read more »

Push It to the Limit Event #4

As I described in the previous post, the love/hate relationship that I have with my car is always taking me on new emotional adventures. This beast of a car can take me from one extreme to another in an incredibly short period. This Saturday June 18th was to be no different.. I had a special… Read more »

Push it to the Limit Event #3

Its no secret,  I have a love/hate relationship with my car.  It can be incredibly finicky and down right snarly,  but when it all comes together it provides more thrills per kilometre than a roller coaster.   One of the reasons that I autocross is to be able to capture this automotive nirvana for a… Read more »

Push it to the Limit event 2

PITL Event #2 Saturday May 28th @ Bramalea Go Station. It all started like this…. So here I am at the track early in the morning and one of the event organizers (Derek) informs me  (in casual small talk conversation)  that he has no ride for the day.  Well, I graciously make an offer to… Read more »

Auto Crossing

Push It to the Limit 2011. All About Imports is happy to be co – sponsoring this years events with Scion Canada. The first event was held this last Sat May the 14th and even though it rained everyone had fun and some remarkable time times were posted.  Approximately 50 cars showed up of all… Read more »