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Rogers TV

Rogers TV.. here I come, ready or not. Friday afternoon I received a phone call from the event organizers of  the Push it To the Limit Autocross series and producers from Rogers TV asking me to be the “colour” commentator for our Autocross event on Sat June 16th, 2012.  As it turned out Rogers TV… Read more »

Car Seat Clinic

All  parents looks at their children and instantly feel a need to protect them in any way they can.  Proper child car seat installation is one of the areas where I have focused a certain amount of energy/time to ensure that our clients children are safe.   Since I have completed  the St John Ambulance… Read more »

Auto Cross Season

Tomorrow, I get to end all my winter driving frustrations and let my silly, pathetic male testosterone filled driving style flow freely. That’s right.. Auto Cross season starts tomorrow. My Super 7 is not road worthy yet, however I can feel that my trusty Audi S4 is somehow trying to communicate with me chanting “put… Read more »

You charged me to change a bulb?

Unravelling the mysteries of the auto repair business has been a 20 year journey, and I still learn something new everyday, including dealing with upset customers.   Fortunately, I have a thick skin and hopefully I can turn one’s negativity into positivity.  But let’s face it, I picked the wrong career.  Their aren’t too many… Read more »

Used Car Pricing?

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t get a telephone call or email from one of my customers  inquiring about a used car.  Everyone seems to be looking for a used car or knows someone who is.  Being a used car dealer allows me into the world of dealer only auctions and factory off… Read more »

The Possessed Honda Accord

Every young Auto Technician has that first moment when something goes horribly wrong and suddenly a sunny, happy day turns sour and gloomy.  My day came while working at a Honda Dealer in Mississauga. I had just started my day with a quick oil change and tire swap and was parking the manual transmission Honda… Read more »

Push It To The Limit Auto Cross Series 2012

All About Imports is proud to be sponsoring the Push it to The Limit Autoslalom series along with Scion Canada.  We are looking forward to another exciting summer and hopefully Lou’s Super 7 will make an appearance mid summer once all the repairs are completed to the car.

“What kind of car do you drive?”

Almost daily, I get asked the question “what do you drive”? 15 years ago the answer was a Honda. I have lost count of how many Honda’s I have had. (somewhere in the mid teens) I was trained by Honda, lived and breathed Honda. My time at the Acura dealer in the mid ‘90‘s helped… Read more »

Are contemporary vehicles superior?

Let’s say you could go back in time, about 20 years and somehow teleport a brand new 1992 Honda Accord into 2012.  (I know the first thing you are going to say is that if you could time travel you wouldn’t be wasting your time on a 1992 Accord.)  Just humour me  for a moment,… Read more »

Winter Tire Debate

There are two things I really get bent out of shape about, improperly installed car seats and people who refuse to even consider winter tires.  Since winter is just around the corner, let’s focus on the latter. Every year during this time, I have countless conversations with customers over the importance of winter tires.  While… Read more »